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PHP Tutorial Table of Contents
   What is PHP?
   PHP Requirements
   How to Create A PHP File
   Opening/Closing PHP Tags
   PHP Instruction Termination
   PHP Comments
   PHP Whitespace
   The Echo Statement
   String Functions
   PHP Operators
   Breaking Out of Loops
   What is a PHP array?
   Creating An Array
   Array Functions
   Array Loops (Foreach)
   Predefined Variables & Superglobals
   Getting Data
   Posting Data
   Cookies Vs. Sessions
   PHP Cookies
   PHP Sessions
   Opening & Closing Files
   Reading Files
   Writing to Files
   Deleting Files
   Filesystem Functions
   Introduction to PHP's Built-In MYSQL Functions
   MYSQL Connect & Close
   Running MYSQL Queries In PHP
   Handling MYSQL Query Results In PHP
   MYSQL Security & Handling User Input
   GD Library Function Reference
   Creating An Image With the PHP GD Library
   How to Draw Lines On An Image
   How to Draw Shapes On An Image
   How to Add Text to An Image
   How to Add Image Filters & Effects
   How to Create Image Thumbnails

HTML Tutorial Table of Contents
   What is HTML?
   How to Create An HTML File
   HTML Document Structure Elements
   HTML Head Elements
   HTML Doctypes & Validation
   HTML Comments
   Block-Level HTML Elements
   Inline HTML Elements
   HTML Attributes & Styles
   HTML Images
   HTML Links
   HTML Lists
   HTML Tables
   HTML Form Elements
   HTML Form Fields
   HTML Form Buttons
   HTML Check Boxes & Radio Buttons
   HTML Textareas
   HTML Dropdown Menus
   HTML Upload Fields
   HTML Colors
   HTML Entities
   HTML Events
   HTML Music Codes
   HTML Video Codes
   HTML Layouts
   HTML5 Introduction

Cheat Sheets
   PHP Cheat Sheet
   MYSQL Cheat Sheet
   HTML Cheat Sheet
   CSS Cheat Sheet
   HTML 4 & HTML5 Element/Tag Cheat Sheet
   HTML Color Codes (Hexidecimal)
   HTML Entities (ASCII Character Codes)
   HTML CSS Font Size Comparisons

   HTML Quiz
   CSS Quiz
   Beginner PHP Quiz
   Intermediate PHP Quiz
   Advanced PHP Quiz
   MYSQL Quiz

Keyboard Shortcuts
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Privacy Policy

CSS Tutorial Table of Contents
   What is CSS?
   CSS Syntax
   Inline CSS
   Internal CSS
   External CSS
   CSS Classes & IDs
   CSS Comments
   CSS Display
   The CSS Box Model
   CSS Margins & Padding
   CSS Borders
   CSS Dimensions
   CSS Alignment
   CSS Floating
   CSS Positioning & Layers
   CSS Font Styling
   CSS Text Styling
   CSS Backgrounds
   CSS Links
   CSS Lists
   CSS Cursors
   CSS Pseudo-Elements
   CSS Layouts
   CSS Attribute Selectors

MYSQL Tutorial Table of Contents
   What is MYSQL?
   MYSQL Requirements
   Database Design Concepts
   MYSQL Syntax
   Connecting & Disconnecting From the MySQL Server
   Creating & Using A MYSQL Database
   Creating MYSQL Database Tables
   Showing & Describing Tables
   Deleting Tables and Databases
   MYSQL Data Types And Operators
   Inserting MYSQL Data
   Selecting MYSQL Data
   Updating MYSQL Data
   Deleting MYSQL Data
   Advanced MYSQL Queries
   Altering MYSQL Tables
   Backing Up & Restoring A MYSQL Database