PHP Tutorial - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to PHP

What is PHP?

PHP Requirements

How to Create A PHP File

Chapter 2 - PHP Syntax

Opening/Closing PHP Tags

PHP Instruction Termination

PHP Comments

PHP Whitespace

Chapter 3 - PHP Basics

PHP Variables

The Echo Statement

PHP Strings

PHP Operators

Chapter 4 - PHP Conditions & Loops








Breaking Out of Loops

Chapter 5 - PHP Arrays

What is a PHP array?

Creating An Array

Array Functions

Array Loops (Foreach)

Chapter 6 - PHP Functions

PHP Math Functions

PHP String Functions

PHP Variable Functions

PHP Date & Time Functions

PHP Includes & Requires

PHP Mail Function

PHP Regular Expressions

User-Defined PHP Functions

Chapter 7 - PHP Form Handling & Browser Interaction

Predefined Variables & Superglobals

Getting Form Field Data

Posting Form Field Data

Getting & Posting Checkbox & Radio Button Results

PHP File Uploads

PHP Url Functions

Cookies Vs. Sessions

PHP Cookies

PHP Sessions

Chapter 8 - PHP File & Filesystem Functions

Opening & Closing Files

Reading Files

Writing to Files

Deleting Files

Filesystem Functions

Chapter 9 - PHP Database Functions (MYSQL)

Introduction to PHP's Built-In MYSQL Functions

MYSQL Connect & Close

Running MYSQL Queries In PHP

Handling MYSQL Query Results In PHP

MYSQL Security & Handling User Input

Chapter 10 - Image Functions Using the GD Library

GD Library Function Reference

Creating An Image With the PHP GD Library

How to Draw Lines On An Image

How to Draw Shapes On An Image

How to Add Text to An Image

How to Add Image Filters & Effects

How to Create Image Thumbnails