Miscellaneous HTML Elements

There are some HTML elements that I did not cover in previous pages, as they did not seem to fit, but now I am left with those elements, none of which I think need any great detail (their own pages), so I'm lumping them all together in this final page of the tutorial.


The <canvas> element is used as a container for graphics drawn on the fly, usually with Javascript.

Inline Frame

The <iframe> element is an inline frame that is used to embed another document within the current document.

Scalar Guage

The <meter> element is a gauge or scalar measurement used to show ranges or values such as disk usage, query results, etc.

Generic External Content

The <object> element is used to embed objects and plugins such as audio, video, PDF, Flash, other webpages, etc. in webpages.

The <param> element passes parameters to plugins embedded with the <object> tag.

Progress Indicator

The <progress> element shows a progress bar.

<progress value="89" max="100"></progress>